luz and self love

Luz and Love


a place where one can be affirmed in the power of knowing that WHOLENESS is as my dear mentor and guru Oprah would say, “a birthright.  [that one is] complete and enough, simply because we were born.” I dedicate this space to a pause from the daily grind, from the chaos and the exhaustion of continual demands.  three years ago, i was engulfed by fear, doubt and severe depression. i constantly sought spaces where i could simply find a reprieve and be nourished. to find some form of glimmer of hope and light that would remind me that i matter. i was fortunate to have some amazing loved ones who stepped in whether from afar as they created for my soul without even knowing it, or just dropped everything to simply lay in bed and cry with me because life with three kiddos five and under was full of so many demands on my mental, physical and spiritual health. because, let’s be real, there’s no way to sugar code how messy and exhausting this mom of three life can be.


those slight affirmations that i was not alone, that my concerns and anxieties were valid and most importantly that i was created to create. that that call was uniquely mine and only i could answer it with the experiences that i had been blessed to witness. i sat surrounded by love and light the entire time and it took me realizing how critical that self love truly was for a shift to truly take place. material things, accolades, to do lists all whirled around me most of my life taking control of so much mental energy that one day i surrendered to the fact that these were all distractions giving instantaneous satisfaction and yet once attained, the emptiness would ensue and continue to wear away at my core, my joy. i took a deep hard look at the light and love that surrounded me and i made a conscious decision that i would honor the light and love surrounding me by first and foremost beginning to love myself.  to fill myself with as much compassion and time to love on myself like i loved on and showered over those closest to me. and thus, i set this intention to spread luz (light) and love as we travel on this sacred little journey of ours. to connect and build something beautiful with so many souls we have been blessed to cross paths with.


so feel free to join us in sharing inspiration and adding your light to our collective tapestry.


What about you? what are your top three modes of inspiration?  what sites, apps, programs do you find fill you with joy, love and or light?  

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  1. I do not take enough time to stop and fill my soul with light. Prayer though, and music, are my easy go-tos. When I KNOW I need more and give myself that time I’ll turn on an Oprah Masterclass or listen to an inspirational podcast (I’ll pick any Oprah interview and it’s bound to be great). Those all fill me with love, joy and light. I’m SO excited for this blog and your journey!

  2. SIS!!! I’m so amazed by YOU. You are inspiring me to seek after my greatest wishes, hopes, and dreams. Thank you for continually being the light and love you always emanate. My top three modes of inspiration would be:
    1) Meditation (you know I love to sage up and/or light the incense! )
    2) Talks w/ my higher self (I lay down, place my hands over my heart and envision myself speaking with the highest version of myself. I bring a question that I have to myself, because, as we have been told–we hold our greatest answers within ourselves. I started doing this at the beginning of the summer, and my intuition has never led me astray. It’s been a scary thing to do, but I feel like I’m getting better at exercising my intuition muscle by doing this practice!)
    3) Candles–anything with FIRE brings me joy, love, and light!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

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