emerge : an unveiling of abundance

emerge :


  • e·merge



    1. move out of or away from something and come into view.
    2. become apparent, important, or prominent.
    3. (of facts or circumstances) become known.
    4. recover from or survive a difficult or demanding situation.

a place where i nourish the artist inside of me and allow my passion for my craft to emerge.  where i set intentions that are centered in self love and in a love for community.  a place where i hone in, create, surrender and release the creations of my mind’s eye into the universe. where perfection is tossed aside,  fears are faced and inspiration whispers to share the power of witnessing, of building, of stepping into purpose, as i sit at the feet of those change makers within our global community.  holding space for the power of ancestral healing and the alignment into answering our divine call and purpose. so, welcome and thank you for pausing  to witness with me the abundance of luz and love that exists within our beloved human family.

emerge :

for the past 10 years I have been witnessing the power of communities moving and building. being steeped in fear of failure and lulled by the lie of perfection, i’ve allowed my craft to remain buried, hidden from the world. convinced these images that meant the world to me, would not be good enough and simply rejected, i sat with them. i loved them deeply and was too afraid to allow them to be seen.  this space , EMERGE, is me carving out a space and time for my destiny. this space is:

being brave and allowing for my ruthless curiosity to roam.



to emerge 


as we take this leap into this new little adventure of ours, we plan on focusing on three key things:

 1) self love 2) the love for our beloved family (past, present and future lineages) and 3) the love within our beloved community

this particular space:  is meant to center the third part of our personal mission: COMMUNITY .  nuestras comunidades that have nurtured me and my liberation as well as those who we shall encounter on our global journey within these next two years.  here, i will attempt to shed light on precious truths and causes that are centered on the liberation of marginalized folk around the world.

no more hiding.

                     no more shriveling

                                           nor shrinking.

                                                          no more allowing perfection to stifle the divine creator within.

instead, more embracing the power that surrounds me.  drawing in the strength of Black, Indegenous and  women of color. of marginalized folk who are leading, who are healing, who have questioned and then listened to divine call anyway.  these are the faces of the women whose light i gleaned from when mine was so faint. i turned to photography to escape the dark abyss i felt swallowing me. the predisposition to severe depression and severe anxiety that no one in my family spoke about slowly seeping in and consuming me to the point where i hardly recognized myself. photography was my coping mechanism. my escape. while in the throws of stay-at-home-mom motherhood, it was my escape from the mundane. it allowed me to connect with those communities that i longed to be a part of. those communities that housed a piece of me. that not only saw me, but spoke to my reality and spoke life into my soul. Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes,” my catapult, my inspired circle of sisters supporting and encouraging me to invest in myself. equipment purchased and my passion had a means of being tapped into. al estilo mio. my very first client : Black Women’s Blueprint, a non profit organization in NYC that changed the trajectory of my healing journey forever.  this, my beginning visual series i could not think of a more perfect homage to the sisters who showed me what radical self love, healing and liberation looks like. more to come on this visual series but here’s to leaping, family. here’s to LOVING ourselves harder and to harnessing the words of our dear sister, Audre Lorde:

“when i dare to be powerful—

to use my strength in the service

of my vision, then it becomes

less and less important whether i am afraid.”

[…] also the linking of truths

“once we recognize what it is we are feeling,

once we recognize we can feel deeply, love deeply,

can feel joy,


we will demand that all parts of our lives

produce that kind of joy.”

so here’s to demanding more of myself.  here’s to honoring not only myself and the gifts that i’ve been given, but to pausing and honoring the call of those who lead all around us.  here’s to looking for the opportunity to highlight the innate power we can harness to benefit our collective whole. here’s to pausing and SEEing each other and maybe seeing bits and pieces of our past, present and or future selves.  so emerge on, community.  emerge on luz and love. emerge as we strive to weave this tapestry of community and GROW our LOVE

                                                                                    In Search of We.




to catch a glimpse of my mind’s eye at the feet of our beloved community, click here and access our sacred emerge gallery.

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