about us

Intro : who we are

greetings fam! welcome to our little space on the internets. please feel free to pause and share in this space with us. my name is Maybelline Alvarez McCoy and i have set an intention to boldly tap into self, align, and imperfectly create and share the abundance that i witness on this sacred journey of ours with the world. the love of my life, Marcus, and i have just sold all that we own and have set out in search of community world wide, six different continents, with in two years, with three little ones in tow. sounds crazy, huh?  we know!  but we’re tired of hearing and saying one day we’ll get to do this and one day when we have x,y, and z, and when the kids are gone, we’ll really be brave and_______.  so, we decided to interrupt all of that and simply dare to do. to dare to stop surviving and begin LIVING and THRIVING NOW.  while we have these precious little kiddos with us and can pack these years with experiences and memories that truly fill and mold us all.






above is Marcus:  a handsome young southern gentleman from Louisiana with a knack for baking a mean sweet potato pie and all kinds of Cajun goodness. a man fiercely devoted to his family and the world’s greatest piggy-back-ride-giver on either side of the mississippi. 

Maybelline: (that’s me!) i love all things coconut and all things close to , along side or in any body of water. i adore baby chunky thighs and giggles ; and i’m trying to be brave by having some sort of accountability to a sphere outside of my own.

our babies are our sacreds and we shall delve more into their little personalities and how each of them shine their light into our little family in their own unique way.

our personal mission with In Search of We is to WEAVE our tapestry of COMMUNITY and GROW our LOVE.

we are a family looking to connect

with our inner DIVINE

with our beloved Ancestors

& with our community walking in PURPOSE

as we travel the world, we wish to sit at the feet of those building community along and from the margins.

to connect and witness the collective power that we have globally when we center purpose and love.  We yearn to see and center


Our Truths

Our Narratives

and for our children to know the regal legacy left for them to continue.

join with us as we connect and share the abundance that lies in our GLOBAL community, In Search of We