emerge :


  • e·merge



    1. move out of or away from something and come into view.

    2. become apparent, important, or prominent.

    3. (of facts or circumstances) become known.

    4. recover from or survive a difficult or demanding situation.

a place where i nourish the artist inside of me and allow my passion for my craft to emerge.  where i set intentions that are centered in self love and in a love for community.  a place where i hone in, create, surrender and release the creations of my mind’s eye into the universe. where perfection is tossed aside,  fears are faced and inspiration whispers to share the power of witnessing, of building, of stepping into purpose, as i sit at the feet of those change makers within our global community.  holding space for the power of ancestral healing and the alignment into answering our divine call and purpose. so, welcome and thank you for pausing  to witness with me the abundance of luz and love that exists within our beloved human family.