our purpose

Intro : who we are

greetings fam! welcome to our little space on the internets. please feel free to pause and share in this space with us.  

my name is Maybelline McCoy and I have set my intention to boldly tap into self, align, and imperfectly create and share the abundance that i witness on this sacred journey of ours with the world. the love of my life, Marcus, and i have just sold all that we own and have set out in search of our global communities, six different continents with in two years, and three little ones in tow.


our personal mission at In Search of We is to

WEAVE our tapestry of COMMUNITY and GROW our LOVE.  



we are a family looking to connect

  • with our inner DIVINE
  • with our beloved Ancestors
  • with others seeking PURPOSE  


as we travel this precious world for the next two years, we wish to sit at the feet of those building community along and from the margins. to connect and witness the collective power that comes when purpose and love are nourished.


we yearn to see and center


Our Truths

Our Narratives   

so that our children may know the

regal legacy left for them to continue.




this all began with a single question:  

“what does the Movement for Black Lives

look like through the lens of revolutionary Black women?”


as a first-generation, Panamanian, Afro-Latinx woman, married to an African-American man, raising three Black babies in the United States, during the era of #45, i knew i wasn’t alone in seeking refuge for my sacreds.  i delved into community organizing with marginalized parents in DC Public School system and found the nourishment that allowed me to resist and fight back with tools to combat against the constant attacks on our marginalized communities. together with our Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQIA, disabled folk, and other marginalized folk, we organized, we marched, we interrupted, we resisted and we were met with an outpouring of love.  an abundance of souls searching for liberation and CREATING the space needed to survive and eventually to THRIVE.  To see one another, to collaborate and know that we… i am not alone.  


as a naturalized citizen of the US, i couldn’t help but wonder what realities like ours looked like outside of these borders i was brought into as a child. mi tierra querida far away, i wondered what my life in Panama would have yeilded for me. the questions rolled and as i began molding a reality for my own children i saw the stark gaps that existed in both representation and love for the rich legacy with in nuestra gente afrodescendiente, our brothers and sisters of the African Diaspora. what narratives existed that would help me piece together the complex identity that comprised of me. Ready for a leap into the unknown in search of self love, in search of being connected with our ancestral lineage, aligning with purpose, and a yearning to show our babies the legacy that has been built for them to continue we set our minds on transitioning and simply leaped on the wings of faith.


this here is our little space to explore our ruthless curiosity and simply document our truth. sending nothing but luz and love to each of you for joining us on this journey. we’d love to hear from you:

what are some of your dreams and aspirations for your self, your family or the communities you represent? who are some global organizations, individuals or global change agents we should know about that are doing amazing things?